"We consider it part of our mission as a Catholic and Vincentian university to work with the community and provide assistance wherever and whenever we can.  Universities across the U.S. are stepping up as employers and training centers to work in the economic development arena in their communities. There is a wealth of good we can do with the resources we have at our disposal, and it’s a great way to help our students learn valuable employment and life lessons."

-Rev. James Maher, C. M., President of Niagara University

Niagara University is striving to realize its overall strategy to help the university’s surrounding community.  In partnership with Catholic Charities of Buffalo, Niagara University provides employment retention skills, job preparation and transition services through a new Hospitality & Tourism Training Institute (HTTI), which was founded to educate unemployed refugees in economically challenged areas.  The Western New York Regional Economic Development Council (WNYREDC) and The Statler Foundation recently awarded two grants totaling $200,000 to Catholic Charities of Buffalo. The nonprofit organization then partnered with Niagara University’s College of Hospitality and Tourism Management to develop the training institute, which focuses on providing unemployed workers with the skills they need for a sustainable career path in the tourism and hospitality industry.