St Vincent dePaul

Who was St. Vincent de Paul?

St. Vincent de Paul was a Catholic priest of the 17th century who "changed the face of France." He put into place a complex and effective organization to address the bodily and spiritual needs of the people of his time, and set up structures to ensure that his good works would be effective, flexible, and lasting. He was one of the pioneers of the promotion of lay involvement in the Church, and of the empowerment of women in Church and society. He was an exceptionally skilled organizer planner. Yet, in all of that, he was a humble, holy man. One of his foundations, the Congregation of the Mission -- known in this country as the Vincentian Priests and Brothers -- sponsors and leads the University. St. Vincent's ideas shaped a constantly growing worldwide movement now known as the Vincentian Family. Every Niagaran is a part of that great tradition.

 The larger university community is encouraged to study St. Vincent and continue his important work. The Vincentian mission provides purpose to our institution, and calls on us to strive for both excellence and humility.

MISSION: Tradition and Action

Our Lady's of Angels Association

Inspired by the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul, Our Lady of Angels Association encourages its members and benefactors to support, through their prayers and donations, ministries funded by the Eastern Province of the Congregation of the Mission. Vincentian supported charities are meeting the needs of children, adults and families. Learn more here.