Changing attitudes, one student at a time...

The Youth, Race, and Faith Retreat will bring together 200 young people from across Western New York to train youth about the intersection of faith and race, and we will engage youth in creative role plays about how to use their knowledge about racial diversity to build youth programming/ministries in their faith communities.  Help us make it happen! Donate through Niagara University. We'll get every dollar!

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This youth training is designed to bring together youth from across faith traditions who will build skills that will be used to directly impact and transform their faith communities. We are seeking to model reconciliation and community in order for young people to learn about racial oppression. In addition, we will hold an additional training opportunity for the chaperones who will attend the retreat. We practice youth development. Therefore, college students will facilitate all youth trainings and workshops. Finally, youth will have an opportunity to take part in a youth-led, racially diverse worship experience. Our work is unique because it is:
• Youth and young adult driven;
• Strengths focused; and
• Faith supported through moral and theology discoveries.